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Our culture is innovation. We encourage our people to challenge the status quo, forge new paths, and to do what's never been done -- all for the benefit of our Dentists.

We empower our members to "Run". Imagine what happens when all of us are "Running" in the same direction. We change the way Dental works.

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Dental Whale is a collection of Pods. We don't use traditional titles, departments, divisions, or hierarchies like most companies. Pods are fluid. We believe that the best people to develop one solution are not the same people to tackle a new initiative. Pods allow us to act on this belief. A POD is established for one purpose, and then reshaped for another purpose - always ensuring the right people are working together at all times.

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Where our uniqueness is our strength.

Core Values

Our values drive the way we think, the way we communicate and the way we act. Diversity and Inclusion are the underlying factors that guide our decisions.

Serve Our Customer
Serve Each Other
Serve The Company
Serve With Integrity

Become a solution

Here, we believe in becoming a solution. We encourage all of our team members to identify challenges and opportunities so that we can define the right solution. We are not comfortable with the status quo. Continuously innovating and creating solutions for the Dental Industry is why we remain the leaders.

Learn from the brightest

Our recruiting and employment strategy is simple. Hire the best. Each team member at Dental Whale is the best at what they do. This allows for unbelievable collaboration and cross-functional pods to exist while enabling each of us to learn from the best and brightest.

Leadership Messages

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One of the most gratifying things we do as a company is to allow our team members to make wishes for themselves or for other team members. This is our way of honoring our valued team members while making their lives just a little bit easier. By bettering the lives of others through service, we better the life of our company and our community.

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